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Dream Theater
Dream Theater's John Petrucci continues to be a huge artist for us. John's MKV rig tour video has had over 30,000 views on YouTube. There's also an in depth interview with the man himself which more than 40,000 people have viewed. Remember - These are all people who are potential customers in the short, medium or long term.
JP Rig tour
JP Interview
Lamb of God
Virginia Metal kings Lamb of God have been long time users of Mesa product, and recently Mesa artist guru, Tim Mckee, visited Mark & Willie in their home town to interview them and get them to talk about their MKV and RA-100 rigs. Even if their style of music isn't your thing, definitely watch these videos for a devastating display of twin guitar playing.
Tim McKee pays a visit to LoG
Mark & Willie from LoG play through a few tracks from their new album
Mark showing us why he switched from the MKV to the new Royal Atlantic RA-100
Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five
Demo wise, we have a fantastic full length (12+ Minute) movie, presented by our very own Tien LAwrence, which shows us just what the Mini Rectifier 25 is capable of, and Michael Taylor from Mesa Customer Service, gives a practical demo of just how easy it is to turn up and rock with that amazing little amp.
Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five Demo
Min Rectifier Twenty-Five One-Trip quick gig set up






















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